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Booking conditions 2024

The general terms and booking conditions apply to the agreement, all offers, quotations, agreements and services of Fortuna Verde, unless the parties explicitly agree otherwise.

1. Reservations
1.1 It is possible to make a reservation via our website, our partners or directly via email. The booking methods are legally binding on both parties.
1.2 By booking, subject booking conditions between tenant and lessor (Fortuna Verde) become valid.
1.3 Tenant is jointly and severally liable to fulfil all obligations resulting from the booking, both on his part as on the part of his fellow travellers. 

2. Payment
2.1 Each booking request is confirmed by Fortuna Verde by means of a booking confirmation. 

2.2 Within 7 days upon receipt of the booking confirmation, tenant is obligated to pay a downpayment of 50% of the total rent (including final cleaning fee). Information on how this payment should be made is found on the booking confirmation. As soon as Fortuna Verde has received the downpayment, the booking is final.

2.3 The remaining rent shall be paid not later than eight weeks before arrival.
2.4 If the booking is made within eight weeks of the arrival day, tenant will pay the entire rent (100%) within 3 days in order to make the reservation final.
2.5 Tenant is obligated to pay Fortuna Verde the full rent (including any other mentioned costs) as in the booking confirmation. This also explicitly includes later arrival or earlier departure by tenant than the date (or time) mentioned in the booking confirmation. When departures are made earlier than as agreed at time of booking no refund will be granted.
2.6 In case of overdue payment by tenant, Fortuna Verde will inform tenant with an e-mail. If tenant does not fulfil his payment obligation within 5 days, Fortuna Verde has the right to cancel the booking and is entitled to full payment of the agreed price. Already paid amounts are not refundable.

3. Cancellation by tenant
3.1 Cancellation by tenant shall occur by email to Fortuna Verde.
3.2 Fortuna Verde shall send a confirmation of the cancellation by email.
3.3 The amount of the cancellation fee shall be determined as shown below and shall vary depending on how far in advance
Fortuna Verde receives notice of cancellation. In case of cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:
– if canceled eight weeks or more before the day of arrival: we charge 50% of the travel sum;
– if canceled less than 8 weeks before the day of arrival; we charge 100% of the travel sum;
– In case of no show or early departure we charge 100% of the travel sum.                                                                                                                                                                                    3.4 Payments are non-refundable. It is not possible to reclaim (down)payments. This risk can be covered by taking out a cancellation insurance. Cancelled bookings can not be transferred to third parties.
3.5 Fortuna Verde recommends tenants to purchase a cancellation insurance. In case of a cancellation, tenant can claim at their insurance company a full or partial repayment of the rent when the reason for cancellation is covered in the insurance policy.

4. Cancellation by Fortuna Verde
4.1 If circumstances demand Fortuna Verde to cancel the booking, Fortuna Verde shall inform tenant immediately, and, if possible, offer an alternative.
4.2 If an alternative can not be offered, or the alternative is not accepted by tenant, Fortuna Verde shall refund the rent already paid by tenant. Tenant has no other right than to claim the amount of paid rent.
4.3 Fortuna Verde reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the event of force majeure (e.g. war, strike, restrictive government
measures, natural disasters or other extraordinary circumstances), without compensation for costs and damage. Payments already made will not be refunded.

5. Tenant liability
5.1 During the stay at Fortuna Verde, tenant is fully liable for the rented bed & breakfast, the rented apartment and furnishings, the rented campsite and/or rented tent, as well as any accompanying facility delivered.
5.2 Damages and missing of movable and immovable property of Fortuna Verde should be reported immediately by
the tenant.
5.3 Damage caused through his fault or the fault of his fellow travellers and/or pets shall be compensated for to lessor by tenant immediately and in full. Costs of damage may be recoverable from tenants travel insurance.

6. Lessor liability
6.1   Fortuna Verde accepts no liability and responsibility for any loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind suffered by the tenant, or the company of the tenant.
6.2 Fortuna Verde accepts no liability and responsibility for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind, caused to or by tenants of Fortuna Verde.
6.3 Fortuna Verde is not responsible for accidents, injuries or illnesses that occur during a stay in or around the accommodation of Fortuna Verde, and the terrain of Fortuna Verde.
6.4 Fortuna Verde accepts no liability whatsoever for damage caused by natural forces, natural disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence, construction works, or accidents.
6.5 Use of all facilities at Fortuna Verde is at the tenants own risk. 

7. Complaints
7.1 Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the accommodation is presented to the tenant to a high standard. Should the tenant on arrival -or during the stay – experience that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, the tenant should immediately refer this to the representatives of Fortuna Verde. Reasonable steps will be taken to assist the tenant in order to resolve the complaint satisfactorily. The tenant must formally confirm any unresolved complaint in writing by email to Fortuna Verde within 14 days of the end of the tenants rental period.
7.2 Fortuna Verde is, in any case, liable to the maximum amount of rent.

8. Rules and conditions
8.1   During high season the rental period for apartments, tents and campsites is from Saturday to Saturday, unless the booking
confirmation mentions otherwise.
8.2   Tenant can occupy the rented space on the day of his arrival from 16.00 pm. 
                                                                                                                                                                     8.3 Tenant shall leave the rented space on the day of his departure no later than 10.00 am.
8.4 Tenant shall pay any other costs to lessor no later than on the evening prior to his departure.
8.5 Tenant shall leave behind the rented space in the same condition as it was on arrival.
8.6. The offers made by Fortuna Verde on the internet, advertisements or other publications are without obligation and can be revoked. Errors or mistakes in publications are not binding for Fortuna Verde.
8.7 Pets are not allowed, unless permission has been granted in advance.
8.8 Fortuna Verde may deny guests access to Fortuna Verde with immediate effect in the event of inappropriate behaviour and/or violation of the general terms and conditions. Without refund of accommodation costs.
8.9 Smoking is not permitted in the apartments, tents, bed & breakfast rooms or communal areas.
8.10 The number of persons staying in the accommodation may not exceed the number for which a reservation has been made. Tenant is not permitted to make the accommodation available to third parties. Tenant is not permitted to invite third parties to communal areas.
8.11 We advise you to purchase a cancel- and travel insurance.
8.12 Applicable law: Italian law applies to these booking conditions.


– booking conditions 2024 –


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